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Happy birthday Chaplainc. More life, more health, more wealth, more love!!! Hope your day is filled with all that is good. Bless!!! 🎁🎂🎷🎼

ruthie Happy birthday Chaplainc! 8 months ago
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Life is all about relationship. We were not created to be alone, we are in fact created as gregarious beings, we like company. The reality is however, anywhere two people are there is always the...
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Hi everyone,
I have been out of the country and return to several funerals. There can be no effective relationship without communication therefore, I want to encourage you to stay connected. The...
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RasMoses Amen to that Chaplainc. Bring it!!! Welcome back to the frontline. Blessings!!! 1 year ago

Hello everyone,
I am excited about our up coming ULO event. I will be taking 15 minutes at the event to reintroduce the Relationship Theme in ULO and introduce the Basement Theory for Couples...
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Happy thanksgiving ULO Family. May God be with each of you and your families during this season.

Hi friends, this is Chaplainc checking in, I trust you're all doing ok yes? Presently in the Ft. Lauderdale area conducting a family series at the Unity SDA Church, Located at 31st and Oakland, the... Show more

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Happy memorial day family! Hope everyone have a safe a blessed one.

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