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Happy thanksgiving ULO.

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Bobbi commented on this photo 19/11/2017

You are so welcome Ashley. That's what Mommy's do. So glad I could help.

Thanking God for another Monday morning, wishing everyone a productive week filled with love. God bless!

Hi ULO Family. How's everyone doing? I pray you all have a wonderful weekend. Let's spread the love now more than ever. So needed.

mirela In agreement Bobbi, Love is the answer and the key 3 years ago

Good day ULO, This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

RasMoses Amen!!! 3 years ago
lacey Amen to that Bobbi! 3 years ago
Bobbi has a new avatar. 12/03/2017

Happy holidays ULO Family! I am praying and wishing that you will all have a prosperous 2017 when it comes. God bless!

Happy Labor Day ULO.

Bobbi shared RasMoses's status 22/07/2016

Happy birthday Ray. Many more to come, enjoy.

Happy birthday Horatio, May your day be filled with joy and laughter throughout. love you son.

Happy birthday Nicoleen. Many, many more to come. God bless!

Happy Independence Day ULO Family, I pray everyone's having a great time with family and friends. God bless.

Wishing all ULO moms a blessed day. God bless!

RasMoses Happy mothers day hon, May your day be filled with all that is good and lovely. 4 years ago

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