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RasMoses Discussion started by RasMoses, on Sunday, 25 September 2016 18:25
Magnesium Magnesium is the top anti-inflammatory nutrient so here are the foods highest in magnesium. 


 Seaweed 218mg 

Spinach 157mg 

Chard 150mg 

Shitake mushroom 130mg 

Sun dried tomatoes 105mg 

Acorn squash 88mg 

Artichokes 77mg 

Kale 74mg 

Beet greens 70mg 

Sweet potato 61mg 

Pumpkin 56mg 

Parsley 50mg 

Beetroot 39mg 


 Tamarinds 110mg 

Bananas 108mg 

Figs 101mg 

Prunes 84mg 

Grapefruit 79mg 

Avocadoes 67mg 

Gluten free grains:

Brown rice flour 177mg 

Amaranth 157mg 

Millet flour 142mg 

Quinoa 118mg 

Brown rice 86mg 

Millet 76mg 

Wild rice 52mg 

Beans and legumes Chickpea flour 153mg 

Tempeh 134mg 

Lima beans 126mg 

Adzuki beans 120mg 

Navy beans 105mg 

Mung beans 97mg 

Lentils 71mg 

Pinto beans 56mg 

Tip: Including a green leafy salad every day can help increase magnesium intake and is a great way to reduce inflammation.

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