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1   Link   Alphaplug
This site !
2   Link   Skin Care Products
Skin Care products purchase online and earn points
3   Link   Retromundi
Classic video gaming site where high scores (and other community actions and games such as Rock Paper Scissors) reward AUP points. It also has classic systems java emulation ans tons of flash games. Enjoy!
4   Link   Brian Rembrandt
I plan to use alphauserpoints to allow my users to purchase green products.
5   Link   prova advertising help
Save time designing your next advertisement by crowdsourcing it. You can crowdsource anything from websites to print ads, logos, or radio ads. Plus, you pick your price.
6   Link   The teacher's cdtoolbox
Discover the services of : download compilation of free softwares, receive datas from your forms by email, read trainings, ... Website in English and French. Earn points by participating to our projects ;-)
7   Link   BemDoado
A donation site where there is a kind of virtual store (a kind of wishlist) where it has a lot of PRODUCTS from a pushpin to a car. Companies will get to donate a products from that list. Every time they donate one product from that list, as a gratitude, will be added in the place of the donated product an article/review about his company/product/service with link to the product at company’s on-line store/site, etc. With AlphaUserPoints each donation the user makes earn points and each group of points the user change its medal from no medal to basic, copper, silver, golden and diamond levels.
8   Link   Frusclub
Gamers and Developer website. Download free games and talk in the forum.
9   Link   Joomleros de Joomla Mexico
A non-profit spanish-language Joomla! support portal.
10   Link   Squadron Films
Film site for a UK based film company. We are the home of The Elite Force.
11   Link   James Peterson
The only site Texas Ags will ever need.
12   Link   OtaiFM™ Radio Station
Streaming Radio System from Malaysia
13   Link
By simply being a member of our site and Rating South African Golf Courses you can earn valuable points that can be converted into Vouchers to purchase Golfing Equipment and Video Lessons from our Online Shop
14   Link   RateYourCourse Europe
By simply being a member of our site and Rating Europe Golf Courses you can earn valuable points that can be converted into Vouchers to purchase Golfing Equipment from our Online Shop.
15   Link   Sirin
Company Sirin specializes in handmade stucco moldings with its color scheme, the design - interior design projects, artistic parquet floors and painting.
16   Link   MagicGizmo
A site for magicians and magic collectors to exchange information
17   Link
Great tips for moms and dads, get nice prices for your points
18   Link   Bourbon Island inSL
Bourbon Island - Your Passport to the Virtual World. Join the Social Network of Real People creating cool avatars. Music, Art, Fashion, History and yes SEX!! What Happens in Bourbon, Stays in Bourbon.
19   Link   Desarrollo Webmaster
Diseño web, HTML, xHTML, recursos, descargas, tutoriales, manuales, hosting, dominios, diseño grafico, marketing online, posicionamiento web, SEO, SEM, plantillas, joomla, wordpress, vbulletin, blogger, phpBB3.
Diseño Grafico, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, y otras aplicaciones.
20   Link   FanSign.Me
FSM is the first and only place online for generating hype for yourself, group, entity, business, or promotion by receiving or trading fan signs with other users. A new social community based on fan signs.
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